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Roots Time Belgium
June 5th/2023

“Songs can't touch deeper than those of Ted Simmons's on 'Dark & Dirty World'

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Blues Town Music
March 16th/2023

The album starts with the title track Dark And Dirty World. A title, which unfortunately, is becoming more and more a reality. The song is a softly abrasive song with accompanying abrasive guitar playing and the Springsteen-like vocals of Ted.

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Halifax Presents
January 23rd/2023

Dartmouth-based singer-songwriter Ted Simmons‘s latest album, Dark and Dirty World, is available now. He celebrates the release on February 17 in a show at Sourwood Cider in Halifax.

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Canadian Beats 
January 20th/2023

Ted’s songwriting shines, and his style shows influences from various genres and artists. With lyrics ranging from topical social commentary to fun and humorously ridiculous tales to the poetry of love, loss, loneliness, and longing, there’s something for everyone.
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Atlantic Axess Podcast Feature 
January 19th/2023

The Great Dark Wonder July 12th/2022
With a slow, moody pace, Ted narrates the tale with a little Bob Seger grit in his voice, while the rise and fall of the ringing guitars add not only sufficient depth, but an aura of timelessness expected from the genre. A great introduction to an artist we’ve never encountered before, and a single that builds plenty of anticipation for the upcoming new album.

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Halifax Presents December 1st/2021
Having travelled to and lived in many other parts of the world, Dartmouth-based singer-songwriter Ted Simmons looked beyond where he was from and saw something bigger at a very early age. However, the one constant in his life has been music.
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The East Magazine November 27th/2021
Both songs sound like they might have been traditional piano ballads, dusted off and spruced up—wedged somewhere between Dylan and Randy Newman with a pedigree that stretches back to Scott Joplin—which might just be a regret sign for their potential longevity.

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