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Other Albums By Ted Simmons

Lucky's Blues

Released Oct 20 2017


I first met Emanuel "Lucky" Mamzellis in the fall of 2007. He always said he found me hustling for quarters on the side of the road but my first real encounter came during an altercation he was having in a bar with an elderly woman brandishing a cane.  The issue revolved around a supposed commitment he had made to escort her to a wedding, his apparent un-recollection of this had resulted in her becoming so upset she felt the need to beat him repeatedly with said cane.  Noticing a friendly face in a corner booth, he came and sat down and asked my companion and I to pretend we knew him.  We began a dialogue and the rest is history.

61 Dorchester

Released May 12 /2011

Inside Ted's Lounge

Released Feb. 1/2008

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